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Moon: it is now possible to leave your mark on the moon!

A collaboration between the two artists Ai Wei Wei and Olafur Eliasson gave birth to a global interactive art project called “Moon”, encouraging collaborative drawing. This original and wonderful initiative represents a digital canvas, inviting Internet users to leave a trace on its surface, by means of a sentence, a drawing, a thought, etc. The goal is to create an efficient catalyst for future communication between you and the rest of the universe. More details with John Dodelande.

Moon: a collaborative initiative across borders

Harnessing the power of the Internet, artists Ai Wei Wei and Olafur Eliasson presented Moon, an interactive project that transcends nationality, language and the physical world. This art project represents the Internet as a mass connector, an open online interface where visitors can browse a digital lunar landscape.

“The Moon, like the Internet, exists beyond the reach and control of government, and thus provides a perfect metaphor for the mass mobilization experience. Ai Wei Wei recently explained.

Given that the project is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, its egalitarian quality symbolizes the importance of having an impact on the world. “The Moon’s main inspiration is the democratization of the creative and artistic process and the encouragement of a constructive visual dialogue,” he added.

“In some ways, this project could reflect the evolution of the Internet. As it grows and becomes more and more present, we become intrinsically linked to its orbit. Eliasson points out.

In the six weeks following the launch of the Moon collaborative web project, Ai Wei Wei and Olafur Eliasson were able to attract more than 35,000 people to the site.

The project can be seen at